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This are all the players in barcelona.Did you know Barcas team was founded in the early 19 hundreds. Barcelona won the champions league 12-16 times which is amazing! Barcelona is voted the best club in the world (arguable). Barcelona has the best attack in the world as well which is called msn ( messi, Neymar, Suarez).Barcelona also has a decent defense at the moment. Barcelonas greatest times is when they had the legend him selves ronaldhino and cruyff. This was a crazy turning point in barceliona history.Barca beat there only rivals real madrid! The famous wins were 4-0 (2016) and 5-0 (2010-2012).

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Lionel Messi- position Rw.

Neymar Jr- Lw.

Suarez St

Iniesta-Cm Xavi- Cm


Mascherano- Cb

Jordi alba-Lb

Mathieu- Cb

these ar all the starters of the offical barca team.